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Shipping to the United Kingdom has never been easier!

Looking for the best way to ship your goods to the UK? Welcome to World Cargo, your premiere international shipping company located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. The United Kingdom is made up of three countries total – England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. England, besides being the birthplace of Shakespeare and The Beatles, is home to the London capital and is a global center of finance and culture. Ensure that your goods get there safely by making sure that none of them are on the region’s prohibited materials list.

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Felixstowe is a well loved seaside resort that is known for the lovely sand and shingle beaches, long promenade, beautifully kept seafront gardens and a variety of attractions. The area became a popular retreat in the 1880’s and has maintained many of the Victorian and Edwardian houses and hotels from the era. Get a quote on shipping to Felixstowe here.

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London is the capital of England and sits upon the famed River Thames. This is a 21st century city with history that stretches all the way to Roman times. In the center of the city, the Houses of Parliament sit, along with the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Abbey – the site of the coronations for the British Monarchy. Shipping to London? Get a free quote now!

Other Shipping Destinations in the United Kingdom

Don’t see the location you’re looking for? Do not worry, World Cargo ship’s to every airport and port throughout the UK. Have questions about a more rural location? Contact Us and get your questions answered!

Three key reminders when shipping to the UK

Moving anything across the globe can be a complex undertaking on your own. Trust in our 35 years experience to get the job done right. Yes, we can provide the peace of mind you’ve been looking for as you take on this project. That’s why so many opt for an experienced international shipping company which specializes in air and ocean shipments to and from the United Kingdom. We would advise you to pay special attention to the following matters:

  • Find and work with industry specialists. Ensure the employees of this business are familiar with what your shipping and the destination, removing as many potential surprises as possible. The right partner will provide the necessary advice on safe-packing and what to expect from the off-loading and unpacking process. Often times specialists will save you money as bulk pricing is available.
  • Complete a list of all goods you’ll want to ship to the UK and ensure you’re bringing everything you can carry yourself. This will save you time and money. Discuss with your partners what your best options are and how to prioritize time, money and peace of mind.
  • Get a quote, ask questions and ensure you trust who you’re working with. Shipping to the United Kingdom can be intimidating, so cover as many bases as you can beforehand.